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Thursday, April 9, 2015

I am now a YouTuber!

Hey everyone!

Long time no talk!

I just wanted to inform all you lovely people that I have officially started my own YouTube channel!
I have made 2 videos so far! I am waiting to get a better quality camera, but I am really excited for this chapter in my life.
I am about to graduate college this coming May! (Crazy right??)
And even crazier...
I am getting MARRIED in December!
If you would like to follow along, I am going to be vlogging once I graduate, but for now, I am post reviews and tutorials!

***Here's the link to my channel, just simply copy and paste it into your browser:

If you visit my channel please leave a comment on any video saying that Blogger sent you!

Please share and subscribe! I could use all the support!
I appreciate it so much everyone.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 30, 2014

First Day of Summer B!


I started my first day of summer B at the university today.
I JUST finished summer A, and let me tell you, it was crazy.
I took two classes and they were every single day for 6 weeks!
Thank God that this semester I'm only taking an easy elective.

After class I drove home and ate some cheesecake, learned Ariana Grande's Problem dance, and now I'm going to do a honey and lemon face mask while watching television and playing HayDay! Woohoo!

Good day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Natural Face Cleanser!

Hello Everyone!

I have been quickly inspired to share one of my recent discoveries!

Raw Honey!

Personally, I don't like the smell or taste of the honey, but I have been using it as a face cleanser!

Although I am 21, I have been suffering from random acne, and I have no idea why it has appeared, but it has.
I tried many products and treatments, but nothing was working!
I have been using a natural alcohol-free toner that has been doing really well,
and I have also been using a 97% aloe moisturizer, which is fantastic!
Also, Tea Tree Oil is a great spot treatment and acne scar remover.
Thankfully, I found raw honey, and it has completed my face routine.

Raw honey is amazing because it's a natural antibacterial, it balances pH, evens skin tone, and naturally moisturizes.
I spread it over my face for 10 minutes every morning and night, and then simply rinse off!
My acne has been calming down tremendously, and my red spots from previous acne have been fading away!
I totally recommend this product for anyone searching for a natural face cleanser.

Follow the link below and create an account at VitaCost to receive $10 off your order!

Then, once you've created an account, click here to buy the honey I use. It's incredibly cheap; I always shop at VitaCost for my toner, moisturizer, and tea tree oil as well.



Hi again!

As obvious as it may seem, I have been extremely busy lately! 
  • I transferred colleges last year
  • I got my first car 
  • I have been volunteering like crazy at my church
  • and I am in a long distance relationship!
Besides completely diving into my schoolwork, I have been doing great and focusing on myself and who I want to become today and in the future.
In case you're wondering what exactly this blog is going to become, it's basically going to be me.
It will change each day depending on my schedule and mood.
It will include personal advice from learned experiences including boys, family, friends, school, and more.
Keep in mind that although I am 21 years old, my life is not this typical party every night, dress loose kind of thing.
I am a modest girl and I am still learning things along the way.
And also! Although I am an English major, I will not be allowing myself to not enjoy blogging because of typos or over thinking my grammar, or even the design of the webpage.
This is going to be very casual and fun!
I hope you stick with me and check out what's up ahead!



Hello Everyone!

I know I have not been on here in a while; a long while.
I want to start writing on here again, but not necessarily about tags, games, makeup, etc.
I am just going to be writing about everyday stuff!
This blog may be getting a makeover, so stay tuned!
Let me know if you're still a subscriber so I can see what everyone has been up to!