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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

English class finished!

I am happy to say that a great weight has been lifted! I finished my English class! I'm so thankful to God that it's finally over and I can start my Senior year without that weight. Not only did I finish but I passed with an A!

I am so happy. At the beginning of the course, it was pretty easy and I really enjoyed it. Then they started mixing hardcore History into it. I'm fine with that; I love History. I was starting to slack off a bit because soccer season had just started and my schedule was crazy. Then when soccer season ended I caught up a lot and my grades were great. After that, I decided to do Cheerleading. I got really behind in school again and my teacher started to notice that I was taking longer than I needed to be. Even though with the class I'm taking, I can technically take as long as I want.
On Monday she told me that I had to finish all the work by Wednesday! I only had about five assignments left but still, the pressure was on. My mom helped me go through the assignments but they were the hardest ones of the whole course! I was sweating like a pig the day before Christmas. Today, Wednesday the 30th of June, I finished my English course! I'm so happy :D I learned staying on pace helps a lot haha I felt like a race horse on the last lap of the Kentucky Derby!
Although I finished my English class and passed. I still have Math to finish! By this weekend!! English is one thing but Math is a totally different story!! Wish me luck! I hope I pass! Off to math!

And good luck to those still finishing up some school too!

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