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Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Hi! Carissa has been hosting this event. You should join!

{1} I just started reading Inkdeath. It's actually really good. I wish I would have started reading it promptly after Inkheart and Inkspell so I could remember more things from it but I'm doing pretty well so far :) I like how the chapters are short because I hate stopping in the middle of a chapter. It drives me crazy.

I am almost done with math :) I didn't exactly finish it by the weekend but I will be finishing it today. I took a test and got 70/75 and now I need to read three review chapters and then take the final test that will make or break my final grade. I'm really nervous since it's timed.

Like I always say on Miscellany Monday, I can't wait for Make It Or Break It! I really love that show. They changed it to Tuesdays though. Nonetheless I'm still excited! I've been taking some tumbling classes since I started cheerleading and it's quite fun :)

I need to buy a 27x40 poster frame for my Remember Me poster I bought about three months ago. I have movie posters all over my room. They all have a meaning behind them. I'll make a blog post about them soon :)


  1. I have posters all over my room too! lol

    Those are good books. We watched the InkHeart movie. It was pretty good.
    Good luck on your math test!! Timed tests are pretty nerve raking. :( I know you'll do great though. :D

  2. Funny--I'm reading Inkheart for the third time right now:). I never read Inkdeath cause in Inkspell I thought things just got weird...XD


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