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Monday, September 20, 2010

Disney Dogs

I thought I'd make a post about Disney dogs :) I love dogs, especially the Disney ones.
Here's just a couple of my favorites!

All of the 101 Dalmatians are my #1 favorite for sure!

Bolt recently became one of my favorite Disney dogs :) I love the movie and he's just so cute.

I've always loved Stitch :) I know technically he's not a dog but in the movie he's considered one :D

Who doesn't love Slinky Dog?

I love Pooka from Anastasia! He's so cute and I love his ears.
I love Pluto! He's definitely on my top favorites. He's classy :)

What's your favorite Disney dog?


  1. Awww! This post is so cute! It just made my day(:

  2. ooh ooh... I don't know the dogs name. The old grandpa looking dog from Lady and the Tramp. I LOOOVe that dog. :)

    Great post! keep up the great work :)


  3. I love Pluto too!
    Great post!
    Abby :D


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