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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ice cream cone!

Okay, so I have a really funny story :)

Yesterday, I decided to take a shower with the lights off. It's relaxing and I enjoy it. As I was showering, I realized that I had both of my silly bands on still. I have two silly bands, a pink woman and a purple ice cream cone that a guy gave me.
Anyways, I decided to take them off so they wouldn't break while I was showering. As I was taking them off I dropped them! It was pitch black but somehow I caught the woman silly band in one hand but I couldn't find the ice cream cone! I instantly jumped down to put my hand over the drain so it wouldn't go down the drain. I started panicking and searching for it with one hand on the drain. The water was starting to rise which made it harder to search. I thought for sure the silly band went down the drain. I couldn't see anything because it was so dark!

As I'm searching, I see a green thing in the water. First off, my ice cream cone silly band is purple! Not green. I decided to pick it up. And guess what, my ice cream cone silly band glows in the dark! Haha It was so funny and perfect :D

I texted the guy that gave me the ice cream silly band the whole story and he said it made his day and put a huge smile on his face haha


  1. Good thing they have glow in the dark ones!!! I really dont get the point of the sillybandz thing, since you cant see the desing when its around your wrist, yet i totally love them and really want one!

  2. Still like the pink piggy one the best. oink, oink

  3. My daughter used to shower in the dark every morning. She said it was so that she could sleep longer (in the shower).


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