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Friday, March 25, 2011

18th Birthday in one week..!

My 18th Birthday is in one week on April Fool's Day..! :D I'm so excited.
I was supposed to get my license on the day of, but I'm not sure if it's going to work out anymore. That's okay though, I'm still really excited about my birthday :)

I don't consider turning 18 becoming an adult. I think it's just me becoming legal. My friend once told me that, and it's true.

I can't wait for April, so many exciting things.
I was looking online at some April Fool's Day Birthday pictures/buttons to put in this post, and I came across this sweatshirt:

Isn't it awesome! I want one so badly..! I'm gonna see what I can do ;) haha..hopefully.

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  1. Hey Bo! I totally love your blog!
    It must be exciting having your birthday only one week away, and not just any birthday, 18! I can't wait to turn 18 this Sept.
    Have a wonderful day!! xxxx~Kelsey

  2. Your birthday is on April fools day? Wow! That is awesome! :D Mine is on the 18th, April birthdays! *High five!* lol
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. April fools!? Thats really cool!:) Happy early birthday!

  4. You actually don't hear of many people born on April Fool's Day... I bet that's always fun!

  5. That sweatshirt is epically awesome... happy early birthday! :D


  6. HAHA! Love the sweatshirt!
    My friend's younger sister was born on April Fool's day too, lol :)

  7. Hey, I love your blog! Happy 18th Birthday! Being born on April Fools day must be so fun! I am born on a holiday too! Check out my blog and follow please!! Love your blog, and happy b-day!

  8. HaPpPy EaRlY BiRtHdAy!!! That sweatshirt is great!! I bet its sweet having April Fool's Day as yer B-day!! I've always wanted something cool to be on my birthday like that but,no!

  9. Hey,
    Totally cute blog I love the header image! I found out about this blog because I saw you were following another one of my fave blogs-Style It Girl!
    OMG Happy 18th B-day! Lol...your b-day is on April Fools day? That is totally cool! Happy B-day....have a good one! :-)
    Come check out my blog...please follow!

  10. What a fun birthday to have -- hope you get the sweatshirt!

  11. That is the perfect T-shirt for you. Have the best birthday ever. Peace.

  12. What an adorable sweatshirt! I hope you get it :))))


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