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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I learned how to juggle...!!!

Last week I was just messing around trying to juggle. I was failing completely. My mom said joking around that I would never learn. I took it as a challenge and on Saturday I started teaching myself. By Sunday afternoon, I learned how to juggle all by myself :) Never say never..!!
1. When I first started teaching myself how to juggle, I started with oranges..!
They're pretty good but they were big.

2. I broke one from dropping it so many times..!

3. So after a while of learning with oranges, I switched to lemons since they're smaller. But since they're not perfect circles it was still hard. I finally started juggling a little! My whole family was really impressed..!

4. On Sunday my mom bought me little soccer bean-bags. They are so easy to juggle compared to the fruit! Haha

5. Lemons and soccer bean-bags :)

6. I love juggling the bean-bags because if you drop them, they don't roll away.

7. They're so cute :D

8. Maybe I can try juggling all three of them..not!

I'm so happy I taught myself. It's really fun..! I enjoy it a lot now :) It was hard at first but with some perseverance, I accomplished my goal..!


  1. Ah! That is cool! :D I used to have these juggling sticks that I would mess around with, but I never did get very good. :P

  2. haha, awesome! i'm...not...that...talented ;)

  3. Haha trust me, I'm not either :P


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