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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hi again!

As obvious as it may seem, I have been extremely busy lately! 
  • I transferred colleges last year
  • I got my first car 
  • I have been volunteering like crazy at my church
  • and I am in a long distance relationship!
Besides completely diving into my schoolwork, I have been doing great and focusing on myself and who I want to become today and in the future.
In case you're wondering what exactly this blog is going to become, it's basically going to be me.
It will change each day depending on my schedule and mood.
It will include personal advice from learned experiences including boys, family, friends, school, and more.
Keep in mind that although I am 21 years old, my life is not this typical party every night, dress loose kind of thing.
I am a modest girl and I am still learning things along the way.
And also! Although I am an English major, I will not be allowing myself to not enjoy blogging because of typos or over thinking my grammar, or even the design of the webpage.
This is going to be very casual and fun!
I hope you stick with me and check out what's up ahead!


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